Crush Your Enemies – ISIS Video

ISIS video titled “Crush Your Enemies” was the first major ISIS release from Yemen. It features three executions – one by beheading, one by gunshot, one by a stone dropped on the head of the condemned, crushing his head.

Man Climbs on Utility Pole and Commits Suicide by Electrocution in Ouargla, Algeria

Video from the city of Ouargla, Algeria shows a man distraught by his lack of success in life climbed a utility pole and apparently committed suicide by electrocution, before falling dead to the ground.

Accidental Electrocution During Ramdevra Fair in Rajasthan, India

A Ramdevera Fair is held in the village of Ramdevera in Rajasthan, India between August and September. It is attended by a large number of devotees of different castes, creeds or religious affiliations.

This year, the devotees accidentally touched an overhead powerline and a few got electrocuted.