Aftermath of Explosion Caused by Chechen Rebel in Kiev, Ukraine

The explosion took place on Friday at 18.21 Moscow time on Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya Street near the Bessarabian market in Kiev.

In the car there were three people: a man-driver, a woman and a child. When the car exploded, the driver was killed, the woman was seriously injured in the hospital, the child was not injured.

The dead man is a Georgian citizen Timur Makhauri, who, according to the press secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Artem Shevchenko, was well known in criminal circles. The Ukrainian media reported that earlier Makhauri had participated in the conflict in Donbass.

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CCTV Video of Car Explosion in Downtown Kiev, Ukraine

In the explosion of a car near the Bessarabian market (Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya St., 5) in the center of Kiev, the fighter of the volunteer battalion Timur Makhauri, who fought in Donbas, died. The relatives of the deceased reported this at the site of the explosion.

Makhauri was a citizen of Georgia.

“Here is the cousin of the victim, Timur Makhauri was in the car, they were citizens of Georgia, he was a Chechen, the car was on Georgian numbers,” said the Ukrainian man who introduced himself as a relative of the victims.

At the same time, the second man, who introduced himself as a colleague of the deceased, said that Makhauri had fought in the ATU in the battalion to them. Dzhokhar Dudayev and was the “personal enemy” of Chechnya’s leader Ramzan Kadyrov.

Information about who was a woman with a child to clarify yet failed.

As the speaker of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Artem Shevchenko has informed, the explosive device became the reason of explosion of the car in.

Earlier today in Kiev near the metro Lukyanovskaya there was a gunfight.

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Explosion in the Center of Kiev, Ukraine

In Kiev, an explosion of a car is being investigated, as a result of which a person was killed. The moment of the explosion hit the lens of the car DVR.

On record, an explosion is heard, the flames are seen and the fragments of the car are scattered.

As a result of the explosion, the driver was killed, passengers – a woman and a child – were hospitalized. The condition of a woman is assessed as severe, she has severe limb injuries, burns. According to preliminary data, this is a model known in Ukraine, TASS reports.

Recall, the explosion of the car took place on Friday evening in the area of ​​Bessarabskaya Square. The criminal case under the article “premeditated murder” is being investigated.

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CCTV of Dagestani ISIS Terrorist Getting Shot and Run Over

September 6, 2017, Dagestan, Russia. During the counter-terrorist operation, 29-year-old Walid Motsaev, who led the Khasavyurt bandit group for more than two years, who sworn in allegiance to the “Islamic state” in 2014 (the group’s activities are banned in the Russian Federation), was shot dead and run over.