Man with Machete is Shot by Military Policeman in Dias D’Ávila, Brazil

A 45-year-old man was shot dead after attempting to hit his family and an agent of the 36th Independent Military Police Company (CIPM) on Sunday (9), in the city of Dias D’Ávila, in the metropolitan region of Salvador. A security camera installed in the locality registered the action.

According to information from the Military Police, a niece of the suspect called the police and said that the uncle had a machete in his hands and tried to hurt the relatives and people who passed through the neighborhood Genaro, where the family lives. According to PM, when the car arrived at the scene, the man faced the garrison.

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Young Girl Receives Beating as Punishment for Stealing in Brazilian Favela

Video from a favela in Brazil shows a young girl being delivered punishment by beating for stealing in the neighborhood. The traffickers beat her and clubbed her to teach her a lesson in being a thief in the impoverished area.

Brazilian Bride Dies on Her Way to Wedding in Helicopter (FULL)

The Brazilian press reports the video of an accident in which died a girlfriend who planned to surprise her future husband arriving at the wedding by helicopter.

On the aircraft were traveling the bride (Rosemere do Nascimento Silva), her brother, the pilot and a photographer, who was also six months pregnant. The images were recorded by the photographer’s camera, which was found by a relative of Rosemere at the scene of the incident and are already being used in the investigation by the police.

The helicopter departed last December from the city of Osasco to the town of São Lourenso da Serra, where the marriage was to be celebrated. In the video it is appreciated that at the time of the takeoff was good weather, but later this changes drastically.

According to experts in aviation quoted by G1, the pilot made serious mistakes at the time he lost visibility and became disoriented. In an attempt to return to the correct route, he apparently turned the rudder from side to side, which further complicated the situation.

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Extramarital Couple Killed by Husband of Cheating Wife Outside Motel DF in Brazil

This double homicide happened on Sunday afternoon (10) in Aracaju, Sergipe.
The husband already suspected the betrayal, followed his wife, waited at the motel exit and shot the couple of lovers several shots. The suspect is fugitive.