Drunken Fight Outside Bar in Agadir, Morocco Leads to Murder

The city of Agadir on Monday night witnessed a horrific crime, the details of which were circulated in a widely circulated video on social networking sites.

In the horrifying video, someone shows someone else being slaughtered on the ground while a number of spectators are watching!

The perpetrator kept his knife aimed at his victim until he stopped moving, although he still “explained” it with stabs at a likely level and other sporadic areas.

At the time, he thought the victim was dead. An official security source denied the reports of some of the websites pointing to “the murder of a young man who was slaughtered by another person after a verbal exchange between them during the celebration of Boughlod.”

The source said in his statement to “Today 24” that the incident in the neighborhood mentioned, the middle of Monday night, related to the exchange of beatings and wounding between two people were under the influence of sugar and some participants in the rituals, “Buglod”, after a dispute between the parties, People were injured and taken to hospital for treatment, without any deaths among the combatants.

The source added that the security services had moved to the spot as soon as they received news on the subject, and worked to arrest the suspects and put them under the management of theoretical custody for public sugar between the beating and wounding by white weapons, and opened a search under the supervision of the competent prosecution to determine all the circumstances of these the case.

On the social networking site “Facebook”, a video was circulated showing the crime of a brutal attack on a street in the city of Agadir, after one of the young men to attack another person lying on the ground with a knife several times before leaving the scene on a motorcycle.

This section shows a number of young people who were circling around the victim while someone attacked him with strong stabs, as well as searching for property inside his clothes before leaving.

A number of sources have identified the incident confirmed that the origin of the case is due to a quarrel between the culprit and the victim who was drunk, where he was the first race in the attack on the first using a knife in the attack on the culprit before being arrested by the neighborhood and throw him land.

The same sources added that what Al-Fadu documented was due to the offender’s reaction to his attacker, who used his arrest by the neighborhood’s residents, threw him to the ground and stabbed him, and then assaulted him with a kick before escaping on a motorcycle.

She also confirmed that the victim was struggling to die after being taken to hospital, as a result of the serious stabbing.

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Airbnb Host Pushes Woman Down Flight of Stairs in Amsterdam

An ugly confrontation over check-out time turned violent when an Airbnb host pushed a female guest down a flight of stairs in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Local reports said the suspect was arrested by police, and the prosecutors are considering charging the property.

Police Confront Naked Man Brandishing Machete on Busy Street in São Paulo, Brazil

During a two-man fight on Senador Queiroz Avenue in downtown São Paulo, the Metropolitan Civil Guard contained and learned one of the men who measured about 2 meters, who was completely naked and emotionally uncontrolled. The opponent, who wore only a pair of shorts, carried a machete and struck the side of the blade on the naked man’s back, which was not pierced.

The Civil Guard had to use the taser pistol to control the man with a machete, because when he received the shock, he fell immediately.

Unbelievers, the GCM men decided to surround the big buck. It was when a young man approached the naked man and struck him to the ground. Immediately the guards advanced and managed to immobilize him.

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