Man with Machete is Shot by Military Policeman in Dias D’Ávila, Brazil

A 45-year-old man was shot dead after attempting to hit his family and an agent of the 36th Independent Military Police Company (CIPM) on Sunday (9), in the city of Dias D’Ávila, in the metropolitan region of Salvador. A security camera installed in the locality registered the action.

According to information from the Military Police, a niece of the suspect called the police and said that the uncle had a machete in his hands and tried to hurt the relatives and people who passed through the neighborhood Genaro, where the family lives. According to PM, when the car arrived at the scene, the man faced the garrison.

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Crush Your Enemies – ISIS Video

ISIS video titled “Crush Your Enemies” was the first major ISIS release from Yemen. It features three executions – one by beheading, one by gunshot, one by a stone dropped on the head of the condemned, crushing his head.

ISIS Executes Prisoners in Front of Roman Amphitheater in Palmyra, Syria

ISIS released video contains a lot of Islamic propaganda, with the main feature being the execution of a large number of prisoners in front of a Roman Amphitheater in Palmyra, Syria.